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Kylee's Toddler Environment & September's Montessori Giveaway

UPDATE- This month's contest has ended.  The new contest will be announced on October 1.

At the top of our stairs, we have a loft.

When we first moved the playroom was upstairs,
we used the loft as an office.

When we moved our bedroom upstairs, however, it became apparent that we needed a sleeping space upstairs for little ones who weren't ready to be too far away from Mom and Dad.  We turned the loft into a toddler room for Caleb, who slept there until recently when we swapped the playroom (now a school room)  back in June.

Up until that point, Kylee had her floor bed in the corner of our bedroom.  She has used the floor bed for naps from birth and for the first part of the night as she has grown older.  Kylee has not spent one minute of her life in a crib!  Here are some pictures of Kylee's new toddler room in the loft.  Although she spends little time in her room not sleeping, she does enjoy to play there while I sew or do upstairs chores.

 The Dressing Nook

Eventually I will add her hair brush to the top of the dresser, along with a basket for her hair pretties.  The small basket next to the dresser is her laundry basket.  Since she won't be able to carry it down the steps, I will teach her to dump it into my bigger basket when it is full.

The Floor Bed

Just one blanket so she can easily spread it out herself to make the bed when she grows a bit bigger.  The rag doll is handmade and she does like to snuggle it.  Her mattress is actually a Pack & Play mattress with a soft pad added on top.  The pillow is made into the bed under the sheet.
The Reading and Playing Nook

Kylee loves the rocking chair.  Her favorite activity is actually to take the blanket off the back and then lay it over the top again.  She will do this for a long time!  There are four sturdy board books in the basket on the floor and toys (giant beads and a variety of Little People figures) in the small baskets on the shelf under the table. 
The table/shelf in the pictures is the boys' old train table that Tim built.  They are no longer using it and it needed a home.  Although I was unconvinced at first, having it there provides a nice visual entry to her room and creates a walkway between the top of the stairs and our room.  It has definitely grown on me! 
Other details not pictures are a painting of a bird at Kylee's eye level next to the gate, a child height ABC tapestry, and a picture of Kylee as a baby with her Daddy and brothers.  I have a small wooden cross to display, somewhere, but the inspiration hasn't hit as to where!  Although the room is small, in many ways it is the perfect toddler scale, right down to the low slanted ceilings!

This month's giveaway is a book that helped me immensely when I was first implementing Montessori philosophy into our home.  At Home with Montessori is a very simple book with beautiful pencil illustrations that helps parents arrange their home to be more child friendly.  The authors take readers, room by room through the house making suggestions and providing a reason for changes.  Although some of the ideas in the book may seem very simple, even obvious, there are many things that I hadn't thought of.  This book would be great for any family to own, but especially for those with young children (infants to preschool).

To win a paperback copy of this book, simply leave a comment on this post.  For additional entries, tweet, blog, or otherwise link to the contest, just be sure to leave an additional comment for each entry.  If you are a follower (or become a follower) I will give you an additional entry, but don't forget to come back and...yup, leave another comment!

This contest will end Tuesday, September 15 at noon CST!


Lisa said…
ok, sounds good to me. our kids are forever getting into things they aren't supposed to...i'll take all the help i can get
becca said…
The book sounds great, and with #4 on the way it's tough to always focus on keeping things child-friendly!
becca said…
And I am a follower!
Heather F said…
I'm always looking for ideas to occupy and teach the 1 yo while I school the two older ones. Sweet space for your little one!
*Mirage* said…
What a lovely toddler-sized setup! I love it! :)
martianne said…
I just found your blog through the playschool yahoogroup and I am excited to read it more as my chidlren allow me to. As a mom of a 3 1/2 year and a 2 year old who ahs made fits and starts with Montessori, I am hoping to really step up my efforts this fall. Organization is kay to that and something time, resources and brainpower sometimes impede. Your giveaway book sounds like it would help a lot. Your blog will also be fun to glean from. Thank you and God bless!
Martianne said…
I have just started two blogs as a way to reflect, decompress and - hopefully - inspire msyelf to stay on track with homeschooling and living a life of faith in general. I am new to all this blogging and commenting and wasn't sure how to put both url's on my last comment, so I wanted to comment again to say I am excited to find your blog and hope to learn and share much. God bless!
Virginie said…
Thank you for your inspiring blog. As a mother of two boys aged 2 and 4, I truly appreciate your sharing. God bless you and your family!
Kat said…
It's a good reminder that all the house can be child-friendly and Montessori simple. Ha-ha-ha ... wish my life were so simple, too! Anyway, new room being added to help with schoolroom overload and four kiddo-s. Would love the book to help me make plans. Living in England, but Texas born and bred.
Aylin said…
I really enjoyed seeing how you set up your toddler space, as I have a little one who hopefully will be a toddler before to long. I also thought it was great how you celebrated the memory of your lost babe. Our second born was also born into heaven, and last month would have been his 2nd birthday. I couldn't think of anything good ideas to commemorate his brief stay here, but I think what you did was very nice.
Glad I found your blog. We have children similar ages and are just beginning our montessori journey!
I subscribed to your blog- does that count as becoming a follower or does it have to link to my blog (which I don't have!)
Katie said…
I just found your blog through the playschool yahoo group and am always looking for inspiration on how to set up good montessori spaces. Thanks for blogging!
Katie said…
I just signed up to follow your blog and am looking forward to it too!!
*Mirage* said…
I'm following now! :)
Anonymous said…
I follow your blog!
Please enter me in the draw!
Fe said…
Ooh! Please enter me—if you're including people outside the US:-)
(I'm another one who's found you through Playschool:-) )

I desperately need inspiration to work on the environment:-)
Colleen said…
I'd like to read this book. Count me in !
Heather Overby said…
I'd love to get that book! Thank you for all the information you provide on your blog.
Anonymous said…
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