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Without further delay, here is our weekly homeschooling update!  I write these posts as a way to have a quick record of the work we are doing, and also to share ideas with other homeschooling moms.  To see past updates, click on the Montessori & Homeschool button in the right side bar and scroll down. 

Tim headed back to school himself this week, so we had some adjustments going on early in the week.  This transition always hits the youngest members of the family the hardest.  This year that actually turned out to be Caleb and Kylee, who both really missed Daddy the first few days.  Kylee was actually wandering around looking in rooms saying, Daaaaaadeeeeee.  It was totally sweet and cute.  As for me, I forgot how much I miss the adult conversation when he's not home!

This week, Aidan requested to revisit a work we I put together last year.  It is a leaf identification card work and interestingly, it is the first at home work I ever blogged about here.  Right away, Aidan started making plans to go on the same leaf walk as we went on last year to see if he could find all of the leaves again.  A great goal in my opinion and I suggested he work on learning the names before we go.  We'll see how that goes.  It was fun to see him read the leaf names almost completely independently this year!

Aidan also worked more with the Golden Beads, conquering dynamic addition up to 4 digits, and even working to include his brother.  Caleb doesn't really understand much, but it is fun to see them working together and it is a neat way to see what Aidan really understands!

I was extremely impressed with the work ethic that Aidan showed this week.  I can see a big difference in his focus from the beginning of the year already.  Here he is using the control map to match the countries on the North America puzzle to a label with the correct name.  He even caught a mistake of mine...I forgot to make a tag for El Salvador.  Sorry, El Salvador!

Caleb had a bit of a tough week with Daddy gone and Mommy needing to divide her time more evenly between everyone (previously, Daddy was mostly taking care of Kylee).  He had some pretty serious melt downs, but we practiced wiping our tears away to try again instead of busting out into a full 3 year old glory.  By the end of the week, he had definitely settled down!

In between, he had some new lessons which he really enjoyed, including his first introduction to tracing with the insets.  As "insets" we are using the outside of a shape puzzle, which is working will for us this far.  Not an ideal material, but the insets are quite expensive for the length of time they are used.  I shared his concentration during this activity in my Wordless Wednesday post.

He also started learning to sew on buttons with our over sized button work.  I remember Aidan being very into all things sewing at 4-5 years of age, and I can see Caleb entering into that phase as he approaches 4.  I think they like creating something so functional.

Kylee appears to have finally given up on crawling completely.  She has been stepping since before her birthday last month, but this week we have seen mainly walking for the first time.

In addition to learning to stand at the sink and "wash" (we practice rubbing our hands together and then she dries them on a towel...which in this picture she found some water to dunk into), she also put together this funk-tabulous outfit by choosing orange socks to go with her multi colored array! 
We got this two-step stool at IKEA and we love it.  It has a larger than normal top step and raises the kids enough to reach the kitchen sink.  It is not quite as safe as the Learning Tower, but the price was more in our range and it is far more visually appealing and practical than always dragging a chair to the kitchen!  I obviously have to stay close, but it is helpful to have nonetheless.

Between homeschool, Kenna's birthday surprise, Tim heading back to school, and delivering meals for Volunteer Services today, it was a busy week!  I also had a fun surprise in my mailbox today, which I will share tomorrow.  Everyone here is ready for a nice relaxing weekend, just the five of us.

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