Wrapping up a Warped Week!

Do you ever feel like you just started off a day too far to catch up?  Have you spent most of a day trying to get to your regular *starting* point only for something to send you off track once you get there?

That basically describes our entire week.  Not a traumatic or bad week, just always a couple of steps behind.  Just when we were about to get caught up....something random (yet always minor) would happen that set us back again.  The week went something like this...
Mom sick on Monday, fall behind on laundry

Dad comes home and puts me to bed with some cold medicine and folds and puts away the huge pile of laundry

This lets me feel recover physically and catch up on everything else on Tuesday

Only to drop a kitchen stool on my foot Wednesday and fall behind again while my toe turns several shades of black and purple and I visit the urgent care for xrays, along with 500 people who think they have the swine flu

Quasi catch up on Thursday

Except it is that magic Thursday that Aidan has gymnastics and Cub Scouts so things don't quite get done there either

Start off Friday with good intentions

Only its our first homeschool gym class and I get the time wrong.  Now not only am I theoretically behind, but we are actually a full half an hour late!

Plans to catch up Friday afternoon are on track

Until Caleb trips over his own two feet and bust up his lip wide open.  No stitches needed, but the resulting chaos results in us leaving for dinner at a friend's house without actually getting caught up
 Which leads us to Saturday....

So far, I am almost done catching up.  Tim took the boys with to do some work at church this morning.  Kylee slept and I got my daily chores PLUS my weekly cleaning done.  The only thing left is laundry.

Which is funny since that is how this all began...by getting behind on laundry.


Lisa said...

Aren't you glad to be done with that week? I am glad to be finally done with our week too. I feel like I'm always running to keep up or to fend off the possibility of getting behind. I can't get behind on laundry (no dryer) and those clotheslines have been very, very full. :) Glad to hear you're getting caught up though. Must be a great feeling.

Meredith said...

That sounds like a pretty crazy week, but I must say, you describe it in a way that makes me laugh. I hope that you will be laughing soon about it, too (if you're not already)! May next week be more predictable...

Kara said...

I have those kinds of weeks too! Hope things are looking up this coming week! :)

Amanda said...

You are speaking my language girl!

Hope that today is full of blessings for you!


The Sunshine Crew said...

Sorry that you have had a crazy week. It is hard to be sick when you're the mommy. Laundry is always a challenge when you get even a couple of loads behind. I sometimes wish that some little laundry elves would show up and surprise me with a beautifully organized laundry room, where everything has been washed, dried, folded , and neatly put into drawers and then, just a sparkling clean laundry room would be left!

Well, hope that everyone is doing better.
Have a happy rest of your weekend:)

*Mirage* said...

I know what you mean. I've been having one of those years. *sigh*

Heidi said...

Mirage- sorry to hear your year has been like that! I'm sure it is taking its toll, I feel exahsted after only 1 week like that!

Meredith- you know I am laughing bout it now, I was thinking how much other stuff I could have put into my summary that I didn't and I was realizing maybe I was just too busy last week and I need to slow down a little!

Queen Bee said...

Yikes!!!! Glad everyone is okay after a week like that. =) Hopefully this week goes better for you! Having a family of six I understand "The Laundry" quite well. =O