You Know What They Say...

If they can walk, they can work!

Did you know *they* say that?

Well imagine this, just today Kylee helped sweep the floor.

And carry groceries in from the van.

(No comments on my Cocoa Pebbles...yes I buy them.  Anytime I can buy a gluten-free cereal that my kids will actually eat at less than $2/box, you bet I buy them!)

Last week I questioned if she could get any sweeter, but I don't know...watching her swish the broom while Caleb sings, "This is the way we sweep the floor..." just might be sweeter!

Aidan gets photo credits on the above picture.


Amanda said...

Your right! I totally agree. THAT is the sweetest1!!


P.S. I was thinking about you today and just feeling like I needed to tell you that you are a loved sister in Christ. Truly.

Irritable Mother said...

Seriously? She was sweeping while he was singing?
That is too precious! *big grin*

Bethany said...

Good for her! It's usually the youngest and smallest at my school who love to help out :)

Heidi said...

Not only was he singing..he made up the song! I have never in my life sung anything remotely resembling, "this is the way we sweep the floor.."