A Daddy and His Little Girl

A certain little girl is none too happy these days.  She is getting two brand new teeth on the bottom.   She has a fever and an icky runny nose and just wants to snuggle and sleep.  It has been darn near impossible to keep her happy.

But not to worry, this guy has the solution!

See, its his birthday today, and birthdays mean cake, and cake makes Kylee very happy!


Meredith said...

Happy birthday, Tim!

What a cute post, Heidi!

(As I was opening this, I was talking to Bill about the possibility that Simon's bad mood lately is related to his getting new molars...maybe I should send him over for cake!)

elsies7gifts said...

Happy birthday to your hubby- and what a fun cake - hope it made Kylee feel better for a while.

Amanda said...

I think it looks great!!! Isn't it fun to do? I bet your family LOVED it!!

I am really proud of you for doing it Heidi!!