The End

Can you read what those words in the middle of the screen say?   They say, Farewell To The Metrodome.

Farewell indeed.

Tim, Kylee, and I had the opportunity to attend the last TWINS baseball game to be played on the green turf of the Metrodome.  This is a huge moment in TWINS history.  One fan who does some collecting told Tim that the ticket stubs alone from this event will eventually be worth 100 dollars, maybe more.  For a mere piece of paper?  I wouldn't pay it, but then again I wouldn't ever sell it either so it obviously has value!

In the spirit of being baseball fans, I thought it would be fun to share some family history as told by the TWINS!

My earliest clear baseball remembrance is from the 1991 World Series when the Minnesota Twins played the Atlanta Braves.  I was 11 and there was some fierce family rivalry going on between my dad and our Georgia family.  They would send us a Brave's memorabilia.  My mom would send my cousins books about Kirby Puckett for their birthdays.  Minnesota fans will remember how that story ended.

At a family reunion in 1996, my foolish cousin traded me a stack of Kirby Puckett cards for my Atlanta Braves no name player cards.  He said, Kirby Puckett wasn't all he was cracked up to be and he didn't want all those TWINS cards.  Minnesota fans will remember how that story ended too... I kept the cards. 

It is only sweet providence that had the Atlanta braves returning to the Metrodome for inter league play the week before our wedding. The day before our rehearsal dinner, June 12, 2002, Tim, my sister, and I sat with those same Georgia cousins and watched the historic rematch.  We lost this time, but oh well.  I'll take the World Series.

The TWINS tradition has continued for our family.  I have saved the ticket stubs from all of the kids first games (in my belly) and all of the games they attended in their first year.

Pregnant with Aidan, we attended Opening Day in 2003.  After sweeping the Tigers in the first 3 games of the season, the TWINS were dealt their first loss of the year.  They went on, however, to win the Central Division title.  Aidan was all decked out in TWINS fashion for the post season, although my Aunt sent me a photoshopped version that had Aidan in Brave's attire instead.  She also sent us a Brave's hat when she found out we were having a baby boy.  Although we kept the hat, revenge will be sweet when  my cousins finally get around to having children of their own!

Doesn't he look thrilled?

Aidan attended his first TWINS game on May 2, 2004.  I think, however, that he would tell you that his favorite game was this one.

Caleb's first in the belly game was May 1, 2005.  This is the season that TWINS switched to electronically registering the tickets at the gate and no longer removed the bottom half of the ticket.  He first live game was an April 14, 2006 game against the New York Yankees.  We have a ball from batting practice before the game.

Just for fun- a close up of Caleb in his chunky days.  
It didn't last long...darn solid foods!

Even Kenna made it to the ballpark!  Her first and only TWINS game was on Thursday April 26, 2007.  She attended courtesy of her intended godparent, Erika.  I do love that it worked out that way!

Kylee's first live game was also courtesy of her godparents on June 20, 2009, although we certainly got her going in the pink TWINS apparel much sooner!

There are many more games and many more pictures, but I think you can get the idea!

So indeed, farewell to the Metrodome. 

Thanks for the memories!

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