Homeschool Highlight Reel- Fall Fun

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I hope to post more this weekend about some of the things we have done this week in celebration of Halloween and Fall, but for now I'm going to share our seasonal pin punching activity.  I set out a basket with orange and white construction paper with ghosts and pumpkins outlined in black.  In the basket are two push pins (the regular old kind) and there are two old floor mats from a car cut down to size.

The boys poke tiny holes all around the black line, creating their own perforation, and then gently tear out their shape.  Then they added faces and hung them on the big window in our front door.  As you can see by this picture, they are very into pin punching.  (The picture was taken before I discovered the car mats to use as a punching surface.)

Pin punching, by the way, has its official purpose in strengthening the fingers and helping develop fine motor skills.   After finishing two or three each, Aidan says to me, "Mom, I really think we should have a new pin punch work for every season."

Since I don't really have an argument against that, I guess we will!

What have you done this week to celebrate Halloween or Fall (if Halloween isn't your cup of tea)?

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Hen Jen said...

sorry, we haven't done anything for fall in So. Ca, we are still waiting to see if Fall is really here yet or not! I linked to a post on one of our school days last week.

Kylie said...

Well since we are in Spring, we've done nothing hehehe.

My daughter loves the pin punching activities, which really surprised me.

Evenspor said...

We tried pin punching (pumpkins) for the first time this week. Not a huge hit, but we'll have to try again sometime.

Heidi said...

LOL Kylie...I didn't even think of that and you aren't my only southern hemisphere reader!

Hen Jen- Welcome! You are always welcome to link up to an older post. Fridays work well for me, but they aren't best for everyone so whatever works for you is perfect!

Evenspor- I don't remember how old your kiddos are, but pin punching a continent map is a huge work that my kids have both really focused in on at different times. I do the tracing for them onto the correct colored construction paper and then they punch everything and glue it onto blue. It always takes a few days, but I love watching them do it!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I love the pin punching idea i think even my big kids would enjoy it. i think they might like to draw their own shape or design and then pin push it. I will give it a try!!!