Homeschool Highlight Reel- More Culture!

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I decided to stick with the theme we've had going and talk about culture again.  Aidan is so proud of what he has been working on.  We've been focusing on ways to show what you've learned.  He drew a great picture of a family living in a sod house with the cook fire outside.  He also completed an amazing web.

The credit for having him do a web goes exclusively to Tim.  I thought it was a crazy idea.  A whole culture on one small piece of paper?  Too much for a 6 year old.  Too much writing.  Not enough space.  I was admittedly skeptical! 

I should trust him.  He's been doing this whole teaching thing for awhile.

I made up a blank web with labels for each of the components of culture and then a bubble for the number of facts I wanted included for each category.

Right up until the moment he started I was doubtful.

Not only should I trust Tim, I should trust Aidan.  Those bubbles did not scare him one little bit.  Why, in fact they were perfect for drawing small pictures instead of trying to write tiny words.

I mostly just sat dumbfounded while he filled everything in.

Trust the child, Heidi.

Aidan has had a great week.  His focus has come far since the start of the school year and we have worked out a lot of little kinks in the timing of our day.   If you missed last weeks HHR post, be sure to read last week's introduction to our culture work and our midweek recipe update!

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*Mirage* said...

Great job Aidan! I love how kids think outside the box and problem solve. I think alot of times that is lost in formal schooling because individuality like that is somewhat discouraged.

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

K, this has nothing to do with your post. I saw a question you posted on Mckmama's bf community and wanted to throw in my two cents. I don't have a membership to bf and don't want one so I came to your blog to tell you what I know.
I live in the Salt Lake Valley and have for seven years. I am LDS, so I don't really know what it's like to be non-LDS in this place, but I have a close outsider's view:)
I say, come on over! Utah is a beautiful state with tons of nice people, LDS or not. We have our share of jerks, LDS and not, but overall it's a very peaceful place to live.
Your LDS neighbors may invite you to church or activities with them, but politely decline a few times and they'll get the hint. I've only met one person in Utah who was overly energetic in trying to get people to join our church. It it's highly possible that you will hardly have any LDS neighbors in Salt Lake City. Surprisingly, being LDS makes you a minority in SLC. The higher concentration of members in more in rural UT.
This is probably getting too long. If you have any questions about living in SLC, feel free to ask me.

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Way to go Aidan! Too often I underestimate what the kids are capable of.