Homeschool Highlight Reel- On The Toddler Shelves

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This week I am talking about our toddler area.  This is honestly the most important place in our home.  What is little Kylee to do while the rest of us work?  She needs to have work of her own that is close in location to everyone.  Although she does spend a fair amount of time being Mommy's helper, her shelf of activities gives me something to direct (and redirect) her to while I am helping her brothers.  

I won't comment on everything there, but I want to point out a few things.  The pumpkin jar is holding the coins from her coin box for her to practice opening and closing and filling and dumping.  You will notice 3 different stacking/ring toys.  She is very focused on that right now.  She uses all 3 at different times, although I promise she does not sort her own colors for the sort and stack! 

I have the first color box out because she kept bringing it out of our schoolwork room.  Since no one else was using I thought I would see what happened.  Interestingly, a friend who is almost exactly 1 year older than Kylee was over a few weeks ago and picked up the color box, matched the colors into pairs, and then went over to the shape puzzle and placed each piece on the corresponding color.  It was neat to see those wheels turning!  K mostly likes to handle them and carry them around as treasures!  

Her shelf is in the living room near our primary work areas.  At this point, she does not visit the school room for her materials because there is simply too much there for her to be in the midst of.  From time to time I will bring her in there and help her choose one of our simple practical life works or puzzles.  She is currently fascinated by the Pink Tower (she likes to take off the top block and then put it back on) and the glass jar of acorns (she just likes to touch these and occasionally mouths them).  

She needs to be closely supervised, however, because it is very important that she learn that these materials have a certain purpose and that they need to be respected.  Once in awhile she will get in without one of us and the results can be disastrous!

So what are your little ones (and big ones) up to these days?  We would love to take a peek into your homeschooling home! Leave us a note with your ideas!


Evenspor said...

This is great. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do when our baby gets mobile. This has given me a few ideas.

Kylie said...

YOU've made a few points on how you all work with a toddler around. I'm really interested to hear more details about how you run your day with a toddler. I have a 15 month old, he has his own work shelves out in the living room but we have had change our day so that we are in the work room when he is napping otherwise everything would be everywhere.

I'm keen to see how others handle this.