Infant Loss Rememberance Day

Today is October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  You can read more about the movement here, but I want to share with you today as well.

First I want to share my babies who have died with you.   I lost my first pregnancy to a miscarriage at 8 weeks in October of 2002.  My fourth pregnancy also ended in miscarriage in January of 2007.  The reason this day is special to me, however, is my fifth pregnancy.  Kenna LeeAnn was silently born at 30 weeks, 1 day, on August 29, 2007.  Her cause of death was a malformed umbilical cord.  Although she was physically perfect, it is unlikely she would have been able to survive until birth even with additional monitoring.  For me, each loss has been more difficult than the last and I struggle with deep emotion when I hear of friends and loved ones who have also been touched by the loss of a pregnancy or infant.

I also want to invite you to participate in a virtual candlelight vigil for the families of babies who have died.  You can click here and you will be brought to the page I set up for this blog.  Click on an unlit candle to light it.  Add a message including the name of a specific baby or family who may need our prayers.  I then invite you to look through the other candles that have been lit and to pray over each family as you feel led.  This group will stay open as long as there is at least 1 candle lit.  Each candle stays lit for 48 hours.

I invite you to share more information in the comments if you would like.  Blessings on all of those families who have been touched by the profound losses that this day recognizes!

Our babies will forever be in our hearts until the day God calls us home and we can hold them in our arms.


Kaleena said...

So sorry that you have suffered such loss! I will be lighting a candle today for my son Samuel.

Trisha said...

Thanks for setting this up. A nicely worded post too.

MannMom3 said...

Hey..Just wanted to say sorry..I can imagine the pain you were going through..and are still..

God Bless!