Just Five Minutes

I can do so much in five minutes.  I can wipe down the bathroom AND switch my laundry over.  I can empty and refill my dishwasher.  I can quick check my favorite blogs, online communities, or facebook account.  When I'm on the ball, I can get lunch from zero to set on the table in a mere five minutes.

Unless of course my children are hanging out under my feet and telling me how bored, tired, hungry, thirsty, etc., they are.  Then those five minute jobs can take ten, fifteen, or even more minutes.  I am so quick to get frustrated when this happens.  So quick to tell them to get out of the kitchen, lunch will be ready in a minute.  So quick to tell them to find something to do, without providing any help to make it happen.

Unless I give those five minutes to them.

If I give them five minutes before they get to the whiny-bored-tired-hungry-thirsty stage, I will get my own five minute jobs done without interruption.  If I spend five minutes putting together the edge pieces of a challanging puzzle, those previously bouncing off the wall children will spend as long as it takes putting together the rest.  If I spend five minutes reading one book, they will spend another ten looking at books on their own.

I can tell them to go read a book.  I can tell them to go do a puzzle.

Or, I can spend just five minutes showing them that they are more important that the other jobs I have to do in my day.  And they will repay me with plenty of time to catch up on all those other seemingly urgent and endless tasks.


Myra said...

Such great insight about what's really important.

Thanks for sharing!!

Kylie said...

Lovely reminder of what just five minutes can achieve. :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

So true! Thanks for the reminder. It's so easy to ignore my kids when in the long run it would make us all happier to spend some time together.

Christy said...

That is so true ... I think I need to get off this computer and go spend a couple "5 minutes" with my kids! Thanks for the reminder.

alessandra said...

Such a sweet post, and so true!