Montessori Giveaway & A Confession

I have to confess I have barely given any thought about what to give away this month.  We have a neat skeleton work that I was planning to share and then to give away a second copy of our extension.  That, however, would have meant I had time to make a second copy.  Which I very much didn't.

See, we have had quite the couple of weeks.  First we all had colds..then I got strep..then Caleb got strep.  Somewhere in there I dropped kitchen stool on my foot and smashed my big toe and we got into a car accident with our entire family.  No one was injured thankfully, but we are a one car family to start with and we have had some logistics issues to work out.  The other driver's insurance company came through with a rental for us yesterday.  Although, we still won't be driving much.  My three children across the back seat of a mid size car is just a bad idea even if they do fit!  I'm not complaining least I can go to the grocery store now.

I haven't even mailed last month's giveaways.  They are packaged, addressed, and sitting on my kitchen counter.

I asked Tim what I should giveaway over breakfast this morning (a beautiful ham and cheese omelet he made for me, by the way).  He says we're giving away a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country.  Without the tires (because of course we just bought brand new ones in August and we're actually going to look for a new van that will take the same size).  You haul it away.

He may make a mean omelet, but he is soooooo not funny. 

Yeah ok, maybe he's a little funny.

Oh yeah, the giveaway.  I'm getting there.  Still not really having a brilliant inspiration, I decided to go with a sight word bingo game.  Hardly excessively exciting, but practical and useful by just about every homeschooling family I know, Montessori or not. 

If you smile pretty and say please I'll even include these uber cheap, food dye packed, freeze dried marshmellows we use as markers.  Did you know that way everyone wins?   As soon as one person gets a BINGO then everyone gets to eat their board. 

Did you know one year olds like these things too?

Don't tell me how bad they me, I know.  I change her diapers.

Back to the giveaway.  Leave a comment, tweet me (@heartandarms but I never use twitter so I prob won't ever get it), blog it, follow...whatever your fancy to spread the word.  Just make sure to leave a new comment for each entry.  I am going to make a set using a mix of words from the Dolch word lists for preprimer, primer and first.  If you win and this level of words isn't useful to you I will remake the prize for a different set of lists (its just a computer document so it won't in theory take too long).

Just be prepared to recieve your prize in time for Christmas.

Just kidding...

I hope!

Contest will end at noon on Thursday October 15.  Good Luck!


Sandy Hop said...

Comment! Glad to hear you're ok!

Amanda said...

I'd love to win!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about everything you are dealing with... that is ALOT of burden! I pray the Lord will give you the strength and resources you need to endure.

Blessings to you all-

*Mirage* said...

Oh wow! I'm sorry everyone's been sick! I hope you're all feeling great again soon!
What a neat idea for the Bingo markers! :D

Irritable Mother said...

Mmmm. Sorry to hear about all the "stuff" you've been through in the past week.
But God has been protecting you, and for that we can give thanks! *grin*
Regarding what you said about changing the diapers and knowing what's in the food? You really should try Breyer's Rainbow ice cream. It produces the prettiest poop I have ever seen! LOL Yeah, after I changed that diaper, I decided I would not be buying that ice cream again. Who knows what it left behind...*sigh*

And regarding your "addiction" to exclamation points? I totally know what you mean. Someone pointed out my excessive use of them one time. Hadn't noticed how much I used them before that.
It's just so hard! I always mean what I say, and I want to express my passion!!! *grin*

*Mirage* said...

Blogged it!

Are we doing Homeschool Highlight Reel today?

Dolch Word said...

Hope you are all feeling better now. I love your Dolch sight word bingo game. There are some fun online Dolch word Games at that help kids learn the sight words too (just for a change of scene), practice makes perfect!