Monthly Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Sight Word Bingo giveaway is #1 Sandy!

Sandy is so lucky she won the magazine last month as well!  I would have picked another winner, except almost everyone that entered has won something at least once.  I guess that just means that those of you who bless me by reading the random conglomeration of things I post are very likely to eventually win something!  Either that, or not very many people thought Sight Word Bingo would be useful to them...

Alas, next month's Montessori giveaway will be announced on November 1st.  It will be particularly useful to anyone considering teaching music theory at home without a curriculum!  For a sneak peak, come and visit this Friday as I will be talking about it in my Homeschool Highlight Reel post.

Don't forget to scroll down to the previous post and light a candle in memory of a pregnancy or infant loss that has touched your life.

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