Not Me Friday

Well, ok this is really Not Me Monday, but everything I am about to share all happened on Friday so I'm going with it!  Friday we took a one day trip up to the big city so Tim could do some work at the Montessori training center there.  It was a long day, involving putting sleeping children in the car in their pajamas slightly after 6:30.

After my post last week on why I won't put Caleb back on a gluten diet, I did NOT make a conscious decision to feed him a gluten free food that was cooked in a questionable fashion.  This is NOT the first time I have ever done this in our 2 years eating gluten free.  I have NOT learned now why this is a bad idea.

When we were dropping Aidan off at my mom's for a visit, Caleb did NOT have a reaction that involved *ahem* a big mess all down his pajama pants.  This was NOT an even bigger problem because he was (of course) not wearing any underwear.  After cleaning him up, I did NOT have to promise him I wouldn't feed him those "gluten foods" anymore.

A few hours later, he did NOT have an even bigger reaction while we were shopping for craft supplies at a hobby store.  I did NOT end up throwing away his underwear and socks and washing his shoe in the bathroom sink.  NO ONE walked into the bathroom while I was doing this.  After cleaning him up, he did NOT say to me, "Mommy, remember I can't eat gluten?"  Yes dear, I remember.

Faced with the dilemma of what to do next, I did NOT fashion a pair of pants out of the sleeves of Caleb's jacket and fold things around backwards and zip him in upside down and have him walk out to the car that the snow...with a wet shoe.

When we got to the car I did NOT have him redress in one of his sister's diapers and a pair of size 6 dress pants I had just bought for his brother.  I was NOT thinking what a great NMM story this would make.

Speaking of NMM, after picking up Tim from the training center, I did not on a whim say, "Hey, stop by this store really quick so I can go look if anything good is on sale.  You can just sit in the car with the kids.  I will be fast."  The first thing I saw when I walked in, was NOT MckMama herself with all 4 of her MSC.  Upon seeing Small Fry's face after their trip to the Children's Museum, my first thought was NOT that she had fallen down and had some terrible injury.  I was NOT in disbelief that Jennifer had not shared this information on her blog...until of course I realized (ok, I had to be told) it was face paint!

I did NOT feel totally happy that she at least recognized my face after we met at the MckBrunch last summer.  I did NOT feel totally ridiculous when I then realized I was wearing sweats and was missing a certain undergarment.  What can I say?  The kids weren't the only ones who got in the car straight out of bed!

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Kylie said...

oh gosh!

jmberrygirl said...

Thanks for your honesty. I skip on that garment as much as possible. Good news is, I'm 23 and barely an A. Don't think anybody's ever noticed...

Myra said...

Such a great post! You had me totally cracking up! :)