Not Me Monday

I know I promised Why? posts, they will start tomorrow, but for now- Not Me Monday!  To learn more about NMM, you can head on over to MckMama's blog and learn more.  It has been a few weeks, so I have just a couple of parenting snafus to share.

Does anyone remember my post about encouragement?  I did NOT accidentally drop the encouragement jar off of the counter the day after I published the post.  I have NOT continued filling it up anyways, broken top edges and all.  I did NOT catch my cat licking the broken glass edges and think I really should get around to making a new jar...eventually.

After our car accident a few weeks ago, we did NOT end up buying a small bus (aka a Suburban) for transporting our family.  I did NOT think buying such a big vehicle was a seriously bad idea.  I did NOT fall in love with it after driving it around for a week or so.  Before I fell in love with it, however, I did NOT lock my daughter in the car after only 1 hour of ownership.  There was NOT only one set of keys that were sitting on the front seat with her.

I will NOT be eternally grateful to the service person from the Chevy dealership across the street who unlocked the car free of charge (and to my friend Jamie who was fortunately able to sit with my kids and car so I could walk over to ask for their help).

After all the excitement of buying a new (used) vehicle, I did NOT get caught up in the freenzy of spending money and impulsively agree to pay for Twins playoff tickets.  I was NOT secretly relieved when they lost the first game so we got half of our money back.

I did NOT lose my list that had my NMM ideas on it.

I did NOT do my best without it!

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Rachel said...

Ha! Isn't that funny how when you spend money it's like a license to spend more. We seem to be the same way when it comes to projects for the house.

As for MACHE, since we went last year, we aren't going this year. We will try to go to the Duluth 2011 one though.