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I'm sure many of you noticed the small changes in my layout over the last week.  I will be continuing to tinker for the next week or so while I work out a few more details I'm not completely in love with.    I love hearing ideas for making my blog better, so if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding layout or ease-of-use, now would be a great time to share them!

One of the things I have added is a feed burner.  You can now sign up to have new posts sent to your email address or the reader of your choice.  The links are above the Google Followers box in the right hand side bar.  This will make it easier for family and friends (virtual and otherwise) to follow along with what's been going on in our lives.  Even if you subscribe in a reader, be sure to use the follow button for the Google Reader as well, because then I can visit your blog and get to know you better.  I don't have access to blog addresses through the reader the same way I do with the Friend Connect.

My second announcement is that tomorrow is Post Office day!  Yeah!  Thank you to all of my patient contest winners.  I intended to get there much earlier, but in all honesty it has been raining for the last two weeks and I don't particularly cherish walking a mile in the rain with three small children. Tomorrow the weather man is planning on the sun and off we will go.  I am still awaiting addresses from Amanda and Leslie, winners from the Clorox Greenworks Giveaway.

Finally, that awesome birthday cake in my last post was the custom creation of one uber kitchen crafty bloggy friend Amanda for the purposes of visiting another bloggy friend MckMama.  I missed the playdate where the cake made its debut, but it has since been winding its way around cyber space and my kids saw a picture and insisted I needed to try.  Try I did..and probably never will again, but it was fun nonetheless!  We all enjoyed eating it and sharing it with our good friends Leigh and Nathan in celebration of their new baby boy born yesterday on Tim's birthday.  We had a great time snuggling the new little one today and can't wait to snuggle our new nephew Eli this coming Friday.  He was born on Friday, but we won't be able to visit until next weekend.

Enjoy your week!  I'm working on series of Why? posts to share why we do some of the crazy and yet not so crazy things we do around here.  Did you know there is a method to our madness?  Stay tuned to learn more!

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Amanda said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for the shout out. Can't wait to see your Why? posts!