Blessed In A Montessori Kind of Way

Thursday night when I sat down to watch Aidan at gymnastics, I was accosted by a friend from church, and Montessori co-worker of Tim's to go take a walk while our kids had practice.

Being it was a beautiful sunny day, I took her up on the invitation.

We had a brisk walk chatting about theory and materials and teaching the whole way. I felt so rejuvenated after our walk, not only physically, but in my homeschooling.

I realized how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life to talk about this stuff with. People who answer my questions when Tim can't (since he is trained in but has never taught 6-9) and people who give me ideas and inspiration from the things they are doing in their classrooms. People who offer us materials from their classrooms when they are throwing something out that is broken or missing a piece (that I can repair), or sometimes just providing an extra set of something while we wait for an order for a material I didn't anticipate needing. They all welcome me and my questions into their classrooms with open arms.

There is an incredible community of Montessori support online. I am so grateful for the ideas about environment and saving money on materials. There are many groups I can post questions to regarding materials, presentations, and the like. What I have, however, allows me to ask questions and have immediate answers with no doubts regarding the qualifications of the source. I can trust it implicitly. Not that I distrust the online sources, but I do have to spend time weeding through responses or blogs to make sure that deep down this person and I see eye to eye on what it means to be Montessori or that this person has done their homework on the topic so to speak.

I have always known I was blessed by Tim's Montessori knowledge and experience when it came to our homeschool, but Thursday I realized just how blessed we are by the many others he works with!

Thank you.


Rachel said...

I should look into Montessori more, it sounds like what we are already doing!

*Mirage* said...

Heidi, I happened to stumble upon a possible PR opportunity for review and giveaway bloggers for the gluten-free crowd and I thought of you. If you would like to email me I'll share the link where I saw it.