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Eye Wonder


aidan's eyes

grant's eyes


aidan playing in the lake at 2 years old

I wonder what these eyes,

kylee's eyes

Will think of this wonder?

new baby 6 weeks 2 days


Lisa said…
Does this mean what I think it does? :)
Lisa said…
yeah!!!! congratulations! when is the due date? i'm guessing july or end june... :)
Meredith said…
Hip, hip horray!! So happy for you, and praying, too.
Kylie said…
Oh wow ...oh new babies, makes me go all gah gah. Congratulations, beautiful news.
Kara said…
Congrats! Me too! When is your date? Mine is June 9th!
Heidi said…
Kara, YEAH! I'm so happy for you guys! I was thinking about you today and wondering what you had decided to do and how you were feeling.

I'm due July 6th. June 9th is my parent's anniversary..good day :)
Congratulations Heidi! Very, very happy for you and your family!

I'm due the week after you, the 11th.
*Mirage* said…