Godly Play

As one piece of our home religious education, we are blessed to have access to a wonderful, family-centered, Godly Play class at a faith based non profit center in our city. We attended class a few times last year, but unfortunately the day and time was tough for us to make. We went a few times, but slowly stopped going.

In September, we got a letter with the times for this year and I was quite disappointed to find that the time would be the same and our conflict from last year remained. I quietly slipped the letter into our homeschool binder hoping and praying that we would be able to find a way to make it at least a few times this year.

Imagine my surprise a few week ago, when I got a call from Carla the leader saying they had changed the day! Praise God!

We have only been twice this year, but is has been so refreshing to add this wonderful class to our schedule. My mom has several of the pattern books and I am really hoping to make some of the boxes soon to have for our own shelves at home. I am particularly eyeing the 10 Best Ways and the Parable Boxes. I put together a makeshift Holy Family last year and I will be bringing it out again in just a few short weeks.

I would encourage you to look into this program, or its Catholic sister- Catechesis Of The Good Shepherd. They are amazing hands on ways to teach the stories and tenets of faith to our children. Both programs are available as classes, but also have been adapted by parents for use at home as well.

Now that we are attending class again, I am encouraged to begin including more Godly Play works and other similar activities into our daily routine. I found this St. Nicholas activity just a few days ago and am looking forward to sharing it with my children this December 6th.

If you know of any other similar resources for hands on faith, I would love to hear about them! Leave a comment and if I use anything I will make sure to post about it and let you know how it went for us!

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