An Open Letter To The Creator Of Parent Teacher Conferences

To the creator of parent teacher conferences,

Thank you for creating a night for parents to touch base with their children's teacher once each school year. It is no doubt invaluable to have time set aside for parents to have their child's teacher undivided attention for exactly 15 minutes.

As the wife of a school teacher, however, I would like to register a concern. I am concerned that each year, you, creator of all things conference related, look ahead to the days that would be least convenient for my husband to be away in the evenings. The days when it is less than safe for him to be walking home alone at 7:30 or 8:00 at night in the 30* temperatures in the dark after working 12 plus hours, without eating any supper. The days when I must load up all of the children and then force the small ones to sit quietly while we wait for a big one to finish an activity. The one or two days each year where sharing a car all of a sudden becomes a huge hassle.

On the other hand, I suppose I should thank you for helping remind me how blessed I am that the other 363 days per year my husband is always home for dinner on time. That for my husband a late night at work is 4:30. There is no worry of work on the holidays or scheduling concerns with weekend commitments. For that reminder, I should and do thank you.

Next year, however, could you at least call and check with me before setting the date in stone?

I would appreciate that,


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Special K said... nose is burning thinking of that walk in the cold!! My husband and I are both architects. I have never traveled and he does often with little notice. I cannot list the family events, funerals, sick nights, etc,etc,etc that have come up while he is gone. It's just been ridiculous. And 4:30, good god that's awesome! I'm lucky to see his face by midnight.