Quick Post- I am still here!

I will have the Homeschool Highlight Reel up later today. We had a whirlwind car trip out of town yesterday to get Caleb his H1N1 vaccine that his primary doctor and pulmonologist felt he should have with his history of asthma hospital and ER visits. We were lucky to spend some time with Tim's sister and her 3 boys and then to have dinner with my sister. Everyone was asleep when we got home which meant for easy bedtime and mom and dad followed close behind.

Kylee was so tired she only woke up once all night! Oh how wonderful my body feels after sleeping 6 consecutive hours followed by 3 consecutive hours for the first time in 15 months.

For now it is off to unload the truck, get kids organized, and off to our co-op gym class. This afternoon 0r evening I will get the post up. Promise!


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Amanda said...

Looks like you have lots going on.. in life and in blogging!