Technical Difficulties & A You Decide!

I have two great school-related posts ready to share. I was planning to post 1 today and 1 on Friday as part of the Homeschool Highlight Reel.

That's the good news. The bad news is my camera has decided to refuse to upload new pictures. Neither post is really blog worthy without the pictures, so they will both have to wait until I find the memory card reader.

In the meantime, let's vote on which I should post first!

Lessons In Grace & Courtesy


Ways To Document Leaf Shapes

I actually have 2 posts worth of information on the Grace & Courtesy (or Curse and Earnesty as Aidan once referred to it as!)

Leave me a comment and let me know what is more interesting, useful, & valuable to you!

In other technical news, I became today. All of your old links and subscriptions should keep working, but if you run into any problems you may want to update to the newer address.

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My Boys' Teacher said...

Well Heidi, frankly I'm looking forward to ALL of those posts and they will ALL be very useful, so publish in the order that makes you happiest! Good for you going for the "real" web address. I'll change your link on my list to the new one so new readers go to right place from the beginning. Was it hard to do? Were you able to do it yourself or did you need help? Are you finding a lot of advantages?

Really looking forward to what sounds like some great posts.

Thanks for all you do!