An Update on "The Plan"

Last weekend, I posted a plan to help my week run more smoothly.

Many of you posted comments on encouraging me and also noting that you would benefit from doing something similar.

Well both as a thanks to those who encouraged me and as encouragement for those who are thinking of instituting their own plans, I thought I would come back and share how things went.

In a nutshell, much better.

More specifically, however...

Morning Quiet Time- Yes I made it all but one day this week and yes it helped. Why I ever stopped is beyond me. Now I am encouraged to keep it going! As much as I'd love to say I'm a hit the day with both feet running straight out of bed kind of person, I am forced to admit that I am not. Focusing myself before helping everyone else find their focus is mandatory, not optional!

Outside Time/TV Time- We made it outside before the TV was turned on 100% of days this week. In addition, I got the boys back to their afternoon screen time during Kylee's nap instead of throughout the day.

Computer Time- My key here was working ahead on my blog and then spending a shorter amount of time each afternoon doing emails, facebook, and reading blogs. I'm out of prewritten posts to publish though, so I'll have to think about working on that this weekend so I'm not so drawn to the computer so much during the week again!

Clean My Bedroom- We're getting closer! I got the clothes, blankets, and spare computer parts (Tim's been doing some refitting) cleaned out. I took out 2-3 bags of garbage. I still need to work on the desk and my sewing area this week and then do the floor really well.

Meal & School Schedules- I was very diligent about this one and it paid off. We had some of our best school work ever and I was less frazzle. I went with the decisions I had already made for lessons and meals instead of deciding I wasn't in the mood to make something that day and then scrambling to find something else. I also didn't "cancel" school any days this week, although we did end an hour early one day to rearrange our work room to get some things out of Kylee's reach.

My Expectations/Attitude Adjustment- I am still working on this one. I did go ahead and bring all of Caleb's food for our Wednesday meal instead of trying to get in touch with the cooks first to see if there was something he could eat. Then of course he was able to eat what they had made (and he wanted that instead). Still not sure how to solve this problem. It is a big stressor to me to always bring food for him, but it is a big stressor for others when I ask about ingredients or plans. It doesn't seem to matter if I ask in advance or the same day.

Two weeks ago, there were some unkind words said (towards me) in regards to the gluten free thing and now I'm feeling like Caleb's special diet needs are becoming a problem in my relationship with some of the other women in the church. In some ways, if I have to cook anyways I would rather just stay home, but that obviously isn't the right message! My relationship with the other women at my church is important to me, but meeting C's needs isn't optional! Sometimes I wish we had a church that simply ate together less...every Sunday and every Wednesday is getting tiring for me. I'm going to have to continue to work A- on my attitude and B- on how I'm going to make sure everyone is able to be included without making too much work for myself to keep up with.

So what is the plan this week?

To continue to with sticking to my schedule, limiting computer time for myself and TV time for the boys, and making morning quiet time a priority.

To clean my desk and sewing area upstairs.

To keep working on my attitude and expectations regarding social events with food. Hopefully working on these logistics will continue to help me in working with special events and food throughout the holiday season with friends and family.

And my new goal for this week is to actually get to the Y by myself (or at least with Tim having the kids) so that I can get some exercise minus small children at least 3 times. Walks to the library and gym co-op really don't count as exercise, even if I am carrying 30+ pounds of books and kid on my back! The stress relieving benefits of exercise are completely lost in that scenario!


Kylie said...

Sounds like the week went well for you Heidi, keep up the great work. :)

Trench Mommy said...

I am very impressed with all you accomplished last week and your list of goals. That is awesome!

Amanda said...

This is great! Lots of praises here!!

As far as the diet thing... people judge what they do not know. And when it comes to diet, people have NO IDEA how important it is!! You stick to your guns girl... I personally believe it is Biblical to feed or children well!