2009 Christmas Program

Pictures are all that are really needed here! Aidan & Tim were both shepherds and had speaking parts. Caleb was a sheep dog and just looked cute! Tim's mom and two of his aunts, along with my mom and dad, were all able to join us for the program and lunch afterwards. It was a great day!

Caleb entering as a sheep dog

Caleb wonder's who is coming?

tim and Aidan on the way in with the shepherds

close up of Aidan

Caleb and the other animals check out the Baby Jesus

Shepherds crowd around to see

singing the final song

Oh and Kylee slept through the whole thing. Why couldn't she have done that last year?

kylee sleeping through christmas program

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The JAMC Johnsons said...

I found your blog on BlogFrog, and I've really been enjoying reading your posts. I'm always so interested in what other moms are doing to keep their kids busy and happy! Love the pics of your kids in the Christmas program...so sweet!