2nd Sunday In Advent

Being big on creative titles (or maybe just low on energy), here are some pictures from our St. Nicholas activity and Popcorn night this week.

After the story everyone had to try on the bishop's miter. This might be one of the best pictures ever of Aidan, but he looks awfully grown up so I don't know! He's singing and dancing something about being a bishop... I couldn't quite follow it all.

aidan wearing the bishop's miter

caleb wearing the bishop's miter

kylee trying on the bishop's miter

The kids left their shoes around the advent wreath. Nothing too big was found, just a quarter for each of the boys along with a small wooden toy and a small treat for Kylee.

advent wreath with shoes around it

Remind me to tell you the story of our advent wreath before the Advent season has ended. It's really quite fascinating... in a Heidi-is-an-airhead kind of way!

And since I'm sure everyone got a kick out of Kylee in the sour cream last week, I thought I'd show you what she was into this week while the boys were dancing around and distributing shoes.

kylee stealing popcorn out of the bowl

Remember when I was so excited she could reach the sink on our step stool? I never learn.

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