3rd Sunday In Advent

After the Christmas program (see previous post for pictures) we had family over to enjoy a light soup lunch. Tim was working on some computer stuff for my mom and every one else ate and played and hung out with family.

After everyone had gone, we had a fairly calm afternoon the five of us. We moved the kids mattresses upstairs to the loft and floor in our bedroom and brought up some toys from our basement into their bedroom. We have a smaller house and although we are perfectly comfortable and grateful for the space we have, we have to be creative to find a spot for everything and in the winter we need more room for toys since we can't always go outside every day. We have noticed an increase in "I'm bored" and running and yelling in the house the last few days so we thought maybe it was time.

After everything was switched (it didn't take long), the kids played and Tim and I played cards. Throughout the afternoon we snacked on soup (I just left the crock pots on after everyone ate) and just hung out. It was very peaceful and fun. Around 4:00 the kids all wanted more soup (C & K had 3 bowls each!) so we decided to just call it supper instead of making our popcorn and snacks.

After "supper" we played more cards (we are teaching Aidan Skip Bo) and then did some cleaning up and the kids got into jammies for our activities.

I actually can't take credit for any of the activities we did this week, as they both came from my mom. We glitter painted sea shells to hang on her Christmas tree when we go to celebrate in a few weeks. When I was a little girl my sister and I made a ton of these shells and my mom wanted the kids to do some so that everyone would have some on the tree. It was fun, although I will say that my entire house is sparkly now....and not because it is so clean!

Kylee painting a seashell

kylee tim and caleb painting shells

aidan and caleb painting shells together

The second activity was a puzzle that my mom made telling the boys the plans for Christmas. They now have lots of celebrations and activities to look forward to!

My Advent tie in was admittedly lame. We talked about preparing for our trip the way Advent is a time for preparing for Christ's birth.

aidan works on the christmas vacation puzzle

finished advent puzzle

Next week I actually don't have a plan for our family evening activity, so I'm coming to you! Does your family have Advent traditions, ideas, activities? I would love to hear them. You can leave a comment here, or even better come over to the Work, Play, Chat community and join the conversation about Advent ideas and traditions!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun puzzle activity! We should create something like that! Thrilled to have found you on the Blog Followers group! I don't know if you remember me from BF... it's fun to bump into you in more than one place!