Empty Sinks and Folded Clothes

Have you ever noticed that if you put off a little task like the dishes or the laundry that the pile just keeps on growing?

Not only that, but as the pile grows I find my motivation to do the task just keeps on shrinking right along with it.

I know I should wash the dishes or fold the laundry... sometimes I even kind of want to wash the dishes or fold the laundry, but my inner procrastinator wins out.

That's what's happening around these parts right now.

Oh my sink is clean and sparkly (actually it really is) and all of our vacation laundry is clean and awaiting folding tomorrow (Tuesday is folding day), but my blog is lonely.

How can I pick just one story or special photo to share from our holiday season? How can I pick just one or two random thoughts I had that deserved sharing? Where do I start with our plans for 2010? What family changes should be shared here and which need to be shared with a few more people in person first, or even never shared here?

So while I mull those thoughts around in my head for a little bit longer, the pile of blog posts I would like to write will grow and hopefully I will be inspired by a plan to get a few of these words and memories out of my head and into print!

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