Entertaining Toddlers

Since Kylee stopped napping in the morning, work time has gotten more entertaining for all of us. We have learned she will sit in her chair at the table for a little while with some color crayons and a snack, but sometimes we have to get creative. Here is one of our favorite distract Kylee activities.

It's just a shallow plastic bin laid on top of a bunch of towels and filled with water and miscellaneous kitchen utensils. Watching her try to scoop water with a sifter is entertaining if nothing else.

kylee playing in a bucket of water

Her brother came to the rescue, however, to demonstrate proper ladling technique!



elsies7gifts said...

Love it - and looks like she does too. Many times I put a towel on a chair/stool set on a few more towels and put a shallow tub of water on that. And the kids always played for a long time in the water - then I would use all the spills to mop the floor -lol.

Kylie said...

What a neat idea, in this heat wave we are having I need one NOW!!!!