Happy New Year!

I had big plans to unveil a new blog design for 2010, but I have been thoroughly humbled by my technological mishaps! In fact, chances are you may have caught some of my failed attempts if you tried to visit in the last couple of days. There have been some doozies, I will admit!

I decided to go for small steps instead of one big reveal. I have a new navigation bar to help you find old posts more easily. You will notice that not all of the links are live yet, and some of the pages they direct you to are less than helpful. I'm working on that. Eventually each link above will lead you to an index page for posts relating to the specific topic.

We are people who will go to sleep somewhere in the ten o'clock range tonight and will wake at our normal time tomorrow with only a passing comment on the new year. In fact, two of my children are already sleeping! If this is your family as well, enjoy your nice and normal evening. If this is not you, then I wish you safe and enjoyable celebrations!

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