Homeschool Highlight Reel- Better Late Than Never

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Because of our short week before Thanksgiving, we did some fun activities that were seasonally relevent.

We did a little bit of talking and reading about the history of Thanksgiving and did some art to go with it. I have a gorgeous clay pot that was made by Souix Indians in South Dakota and one of the things we did was talk about pottery. I had clay so we could make our own pinch pots.

aidan makes a pinch pot

There was a slight technical malfunction, however, because Mommy thought she bought hardening clay but it was in fact Plastescine.

plasticine melted on a cookie sheet

Thank goodness it was an old cookie sheet that I had actually already replaced.

We also did our Thanksgiving pin punching. I made a little turkey for the window on our front door and the boys punched feathers to make his tail. They both did a great job, but Caleb's appreciation for chickens and clocks was an entertaining discovery. He is (to his mother's relief) also thankful for "my friend". When prompted further, he says his friend is Isaac.

our thanksgiving pin punch turkey

What are you doing these days? Please add your link to MckLinky and link back here to us. I look forward to coming for a visit!


Evenspor said...

That exact same thing happened to me recently too. I assumed what we had was modeling clay that could be cooked, but it turned out to be oil-based, non-hardening clay. Fortunately I used tin foil and the pieces were small so they didn't spread as much. :p

Meredith said...

My Isaac or another? Either way, we're all thankful for YOU!