Homeschooling Caught In The Act

We were at a choir concert last night and didn't get everyone in bed until late and today we are having some friends over for dinner (and to see the Holiday train) so I'm not going to do a big homeschool highlight reel post, but I have some caught in the act pictures from this week to share. I will throw a MckLinky on the bottom of the post as normal in case anyone else has more to share.

Making a tower from the binomial cube.

building a tower from the binomial cube

Retelling the Christmas story

telling the christmas story

Geography Work

making a map of north america

making a continent map

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Lisa said...

Andrew holds the pencil the same was as A. They seem like two kids who must have been separated at birth! After we finish up math today, we need a break so AJ can catch up on his math facts. He acts like he's never seen a number before in his life sometimes so, I'm hoping a little "break" from the regular while focusing on learning those things inside and out does the trick...I'll let you know!