The *Moment*

Those of you who have been reading for awhile, may remember my post on kids and church back in August. I had many great comments and a lot of feedback that helped Tim and I make some decisions.

The first thing we decided was that when there is a nursery attend is available we will use it for Kylee on Sundays. We also attend a family worship service on Wednesdays for her to practice sitting with us, but on Sunday everyone is getting more out of service without her there. She is also getting more used to new people which is something she has a hard time with.

It has taken almost 6 months, but she will now consistently (and happily) separate on Sunday mornings. She is doing so well with it, that twice she has fallen asleep in the nursery in the arms of a stranger. Those that know Kylee personally, know that this is a huge deal for her!

Now, this is not the *moment* that I am excited to blog about. The *moment* is actually something far more exciting to me.

Aidan is reading in church!

He's been reading for awhile, but he was not putting 2 and 2 together at church. Maybe the print was too small, too far away on the screen, went too fast, or maybe some other combination of circumstances led to his resistance to participating. The reason I posted about Kylee initially, is that I suspect her constant activity may have been one of the things distracting him.

Since he is following along, he is participating better and his behavior in church has drastically improved. Not only that, his younger brother has also drastically improved his behavior as well. My moms of many friends tell me that getting the first child focused and behaving is key to the whole ball game. My experiences the last two weeks are telling me that they may indeed be correct!

Good work, Aidan!


Lisa said...

Yeah!! I am so hoping that we are rounding the corner here too as once the oldest or older ones set the example, I believe it is so much easier with the rest. Call me crazy but i believe that to the core of my being. Naughtiness out of the older ones results in naughtiness in the younger ones as well. (I've seen that and know that part to be true.) So congrats to you!! Here's to hoping we're rounding the same corner with you!

Amanda said...

Way to go! Thats awesome. I am so excited for you and hope to have this same moment soon!