Reasons To Homeschool- Part 1

There are many reasons to homeschool. Ask any ten people why they homeschool and you are unlikely to get the same answer twice. Not only that, but most people have far more than just one reason, even if there is a main reason! This new series will bring attention to lesser touted benefits of choosing this lifestyle for your family.

Under touted reason #1: Sibling Relationships

Sibling relationships get quite a bit of lip service in reasons to homeschool, but they are never a stand alone reason! What I see on a daily basis in my house, however, says that maybe they should be.

Example A: Kylee fell (trying to climb onto the piano but that could be a post on its own). She settled down after a bit of snuggling, but really wanted to be held. Unfortunately it was also past lunch time and nothing had been started. Enter caring older brother that "should" be away at school. Not only was he perfectly willing to sit with her and snuggle, she was equally comforted by his presence. So much so, that she fell asleep slouched over on top of him.


It is hard to imagine they would have that kind of relationship if he had gone off to school when she was less than one month old and spent the majority of his time away from her.

Example B: Mom is busy helping the oldest with school work. With no prompting, the younger two find their way to a cozy spot (the same chair as above... which is also our favorite nursing chair, by the way) to read books together.


Is it all sunshine and roses? Of course not, but they certainly don't fight any more than other families I know, despite all that extra time together. On the contrary, I am certain they fight less. Partially (I think) because they have less to fight about, but we'll save that for another day!

What effect has homeschooling had on sibling relationships in your house? Has homeschooling creating any sibling relationship challenges?


Lisa said...

Challenges, yes. Benefits, yes. I also find the oldest and 2nd child to be more than willing to help the other siblings. However, the challenge is finding time/space for the one who isn't the baby and isn't in "school". He's sort of left wandering, if that makes sense. So, finding a "place" for each one is a constantly evolving challenge for us.

Heidi said...

Lisa, we definitely have that issue as well at times. Kylee wants to see what is going on, but she also sometimes wants to touch and terrorize what the boys are working on. Implementing our morning singing and discussion group time has really helped with that. It's something simple she gets to do and then she is more willing to play calmly nearby.

Morgan said...

I agree on the benefits of sibling relationships through homeschooling. My 4 children are 6 and under, so they're still pretty little. However, if my children were in public school, my oldest 3 would already be in preschool and kindergarten. They would be split up from each other the entire day.

Instead, they're here together and enjoy playing together all day. My prayer for them is that they will genuinely be best friends for life.

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Excellent post! I see so many benefits like the ones you mentioned here. Anxious to read more!