SpellQuizer Review & Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to review SpellQuizzer, a spelling review program. SpellQuizzer allows parents to record a child's spelling list and then quizzes the child on their words. In the event parents do not have access to a microphone, they can create lists using definitions instead, giving the child to opportunity to work on vocabulary as well.

We tried out the program for the month of December in conjunction with our regular program. We use Words Their Way, which does not use a weekly list of words but rather a series of studies based on a set of spelling rules. I only usually give spelling tests once every 6-8 weeks, so the idea of a weekly list was new to my kids. I focused on words using blends (the current topic in Aidan's spelling curriculum) and also on sight words.

Both boys found the program easy to operate and enjoyed being able to do some of their work on the computer each day. They even asked to do spelling over Christmas vacation and then got into a fight (they are brothers) about who got to go first!

What I like
*SpellQuizzer is easily adaptable to work with any traditional or nontraditional spelling curriculum. Even a parent with no spelling list could create their own lists using sight words or seasonal words that a child is struggling with.
*I liked the free downloadable lists. This saved me time because many of the words (especially in the Dolch Words sections) are words that Aidan forgets.
*I appreciated the alphabet list for preschoolers. It was fun having Caleb ask to do his spelling.
*The price. $29.95 is an excellent price for a material that will work for multiple students across multiple ages. There are not many curriculum resources that are that affordable for families!

What I think would make it better
*I wish it worked on Mac.
*Because SpellQuizzer didn't run on our kid computer, the boys had to use our PC laptop. This wasn't a problem, but the windows were a little bit small for young eyes. The ability to resize the quiz window would solve this problem.
*I wish that it was possible to input an image in place of a definition. This would make the program more user friendly for a young reader.

To learn more about SpellQuizzer, or to download a free trial, you can visit their website. I suggest checking out the video demonstrations and the information on SpellQuizzer and homeschooling.

If all this information wasn't enough to convince you that this program is absolutely worth it, the creators of SpellQuizzer are giving away 1 complimentary license for this program to a Work & Play, Day by Day reader. Between now and January 15th, leave a comment on this post, link from your blog back to this contest, or send a tweet (make sure I get it @heartandarms). Be sure to leave an additional comment for each entry (with links and twitter names when appropriate) so that you get the right credit!

In order to complete this review, I was provided with a full license to use the product. All opinions are my own.


Meredith said...

Heidi, include my name in the giveaway! Hope you had a happy holiday season....

Montessori Moments said...

I would love win this giveaway!

Rachel said...

Have you tried out spellingcity.com? Maybe not as detailed, but FREE!