February Giveaway- More Language Files

This month I am giving away an electronic set of 3 part cards to work on word types and definitions. For each card there is the symbol, word type, and a brief description. Word types included are article, noun, verb, adjective, and adverb.

Here is a sample:

Sorry for the spell check lines, they won't be on the final cards but I used screen shot to upload the sample. The link cord for my camera has *ahem* disappeared (probably had a little help), so I can't post an actual picture of the finished material yet, but I will as soon as we find it (or replace it).

I didn't use these cards until after each type had been introduced separately, but you could also use them earlier as an introduction to word types. The first lesson is to simply match the 3 pieces to the control card. The second lesson is to turn the control cards upside down and match the 3 pieces without the control.

To encourage comments (aka entries) on this post I want to motivate you with a few of the more charming things my boys have said to me this week.

Caleb, "Smell my teeth mommy!"

Aidan, (trying to come up with a way to serve Caleb after an uncool offense) "I could wipe his butt for him for a week."

Oh please, could you?

Contest will end on February 15th! Increase entries by blogging, tweeting, or otherwise spreading the word, just make sure to come back and leave a separate comment for each entry!

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Kylie said...

I'm in the middle of puttng together materials for our language shelves so these would fit in perfectly. :) Thanks.