I haven't forgotten you!

I have lots of fun posts in my brain and updates and all sorts of fun stuff (like I haven't revealed our little one's gender u/s results here yet!).

UNFORTUNATELY, however, we have to stomach flu.

All 5 of us.

For the last half week or so every 12 hours, someone new came down with it.

We are recovering.

My laundry may never recover.

No really, you have to push it out of the way to get into the bathroom.

We finally started moving the clean piles into our school room where we can close the door so no one puked on it.

So on that note, I hope to *see* all of my bloggy friends soon.

But for now, real life is demanding my attention!


Kylie said...

Oh dear, here's hoping you are all nearing the end of that then.

Amanda said...

I am so sorry... feel better soon!!