Some bloggers go through slumps during their first trimester. Nausea and exhaustion are the rule of the day and survival becomes the game. I've seen lots of first trimester apology posts followed by "phew, I'm finally feeling better!" posts a couple of months later.

Has anyone else noticed I had the opposite problem?

I posted almost daily for my entire first trimester. Now that I'm feeling better and reenergized I'm barely cranking out a post per week! When I do blog, I'm barely blogging about our school work... which I know is why many of my followers come here. I still haven't worked up a Faith & Family index page, which I promised months ago!

I won't apologize though. Life comes before blogging.

In the meantime, I will attempt to re-achieve balance.

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Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

You probably feel better and are busy fixing all the things left undone when you didn't feel well. I know I am able to sit still more due to the morning sickness and sitting still w/ the computer long as I don't have to read too much (something about the computer does make me feel yuck after a time).