Trying Something New

I'm going to start a series of posting by topics on our Montessori blended homeschool approach. I have noticed a few other bloggers posting by subject area and its been fun to read more details on their total approach. I will start with language and go from there talking about how we apply Montessori at home, when and why we deviate from Montessori, and a few specifics about where each of the kiddos are in regards to that area (that parts mostly for myself and family).

Hopefully this is something that will be valuable to a variety of readers, particularly my poor Montessori readers who probably think I've dropped off the bandwagon as I've been so bad about talking about it.

First up will be language with 3 posts- reading, writing, and spelling! Leave me a note if you have a specific language question or a suggestion of which subject area you would prefer I cover next!

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Kylie said...

Hi Heidi,

How are you? I'm keen to see how you do Sight Word Work. :) Looking forward to your posts. :)