(Hu)Hot Eats

I'm sure you've gathered by my last couple of posts that we took a little side trip this weekend. We didn't go far (only about an hour away) but we left our computer and other life hazards at home and hit the pool with my parents. We also had the chance to eat some great food that happened to be completely safe for my gluten-free munchkin.

We ate at HuHot Mongolian Grill & Barbeque and I was incredibly impressed by the accommodating nature of the staff. From the host, to the waiter, to all of the cooks. Absolutely everyone helped look out for us! They had a printed list of all of the safe and unsafe sauces on their menu for all of the common allergens and gluten. All of the other food choices were easy to identify and choose safely.

For those of you who have never been to a Mongolian Barbeque, you take a bowl and go through a buffet line of fresh ingredients... meats, noodles (we had to avoid those for Caleb obviously), veggies, sauces, and oils/other seasonings. You basically make a bowl of personal stir fry and then bring it to the end of the line where the cooks pour your food onto a huge circular grill and cook everything. Its amazing to watch them circle the grill with 10-15 meals cooking at the same time! It takes 5 to 10 minutes from start to finish. It was fun for the kids to see their meals cooked and even though Aidan isn't the biggest veggie eater these days, he went back for seconds (it was all you can eat)!

The cooking process, however, is where they most scared and impressed me with their food allergy awareness. When we came to the front with Caleb's bowl, we informed them of his allergy and they cleaned a section of the grill and blocked it off with huge metal scrapers so it didn't accidentally mix with other meals. Then one cook worked with clean utensils on only his food until it was done. Even with others waiting in line, they took the time to be sure his food was safe.

My only small suggestion would be to put their allergy safe sauces on the back row of their two row buffet to avoid cross contamination. It would be safer to have gluten free sauces drip into the gluten ones than the other way around. Now granted, since I didn't spend too much time evaluating the sauce placement it could be they had the peanut/nut free sauces on the back for that reason.

Regardless, they made a repeat customer out of this mama!


Meredith said...

Looks like you had a great time. And how great that the restaurant was so accomodating. That sounds pretty tasty - I've never eaten there. Welcome back!

HuHot Mongolian Grill said...

Glad you all enjoyed your trip to HuHot! We love being able to accommodate allergies and food restrictions!

You're correct in your assumption that sauces like Black Thai Peanut (which has peanut, coconut and dairy allergens) are in the front.

You can download our allergy PDF here: http://huhot.com/html/nutrit_allergy_info.html before your next trip.