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I wanted to pass along a little bit of what is going on and I am unsure when I will be returning to the blogosphere. We had a fire in our garage and attic last night and we were told today that our belongings are largely unsalvageable. I really don't know what to say in such a limited forum. We have a place to stay and our immediate needs (next 2-3 days) have been taken care of, we don't know about more long term plans/needs right now. I don't know how often/how much internet access we will have but I will try to check in as I am able. Thank you again to all of our friends who have offered support so generously. We appreciate your love and prayers.rum, but we are all fine- 2 adults, 3 children, Kenna's belongings/photos, and all of our 4 legged critters escaped- although our cat hasn't returned yet we know she made it out. We are working through details moment by moment and appreciate the thoughts and prayers of those who have helped us in the last 24 hours.


elsies7gifts said…
OMG Heidi, I am so glad that you and your family are all okay!!! But I am also so sorry that this has happened. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. And that if I were any closer I would be there to be of some help for you.
Again, PTL that you are all okay!!!
Lisa said…
Not sure what you will check but I emailed you too - our house is open for you if you need it although I know it's not the most convenient. Please don't hesitate to ask for anything - I can send clothes for the kids, at least C and K, probably even A. Just holler!
*Mirage* said…
Oh wow Heidi I'm so sorry about your house! I'm SO glad you all made it out!
*Mirage* said…
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Sandy Hop said…
wow-definite prayers for you and your transition! I pray you guys can get back to normal soon. Thank goodness you're all ok!
Ouch! What a mess! I'm glad you are okay.
Thinking of you and your family, Heidi.
Will keep you all in our prayers. Glad that you are okay but sorry to hear that you lost your belongings in the fire.
I had mailed you a package and it might end up coming to your home while you are away from your home...hopefully, it will make its way to you.
So sorry about your garage and attic.
Mommy Moment said…
I really can not even begin to imagine. Our computer died a while back and I lost all my home school files, Montessori files and everything. I was devastated and still feel the impact of not having everything I needed (Years of stuff..all gone).
Anyway, What you are going through is tragic! I sure hope everything gets worked out and that you will be able to replace all that was lost. Thankfully nobody was harmed!
Love from Jody
Heidi I am so sorry for all your family is going through. You are in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…

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