Where are we?

Well, that's a pretty good question.

I think the answer is that I really have no idea.

We have a pretty good idea of what things from our house we are going to be able to salvage. Tim has built some custom furniture (an end table, coat cubby system, and a puppet theater) that will be able to be sanded down and refinished. It will be nice to have those things again. The train table he built is probably not going to make it because we had enlarged the top and it has some screw holes and other cracks and crevices that they can't clean into.

As for family photos and other momentos most of the are salvageable to some extent. Our family jewelery has been cleaned and we have several family photos that can be reframed. Since I know where I had many taken (with a private professional, not a chain) many others can be reprinted. Thanks to digital imagining, at least the majority of our candid pictures of the kids are digital. As for scrapbooks we have almost all of them, in varying conditions. Our wedding, Aidan's first year, and Kenna's were removed on our way out of the house and have no damage at all. We have Caleb's first year and the big boys preschool years, but they are badly smoke damaged. The smell cannot be cleaned, but we intent to save them for the boys when they are older anyways. We will put them in plastic bags and try to do some airing out when we can. I have all of Kylee's baby and u/s pictures in the same condition. I am hoping to see if the hospital can reprint baby's (if I don't have another u/s at a later date).

We were able to save some important pieces of clothing, but for the most part it is not considered cost effective to clean the majority of them. They will only be saving Tim & Aidan's Scout shirts, our baptism gown (which only Aidan wore, but still important to save), Aidan and Caleb's coming home from the hospital outfits and baptism quilts, a wedding quilt, a wool blanket, and a leather coat of Tim's. We may also be able to save some of our baby clothes, but we're still waiting to see on that.

As for the people?

That is a much harder question to answer.

I am starting to feel less like an adreneline charged super woman and more like an almost 3rd trimester pregnant lady with 3 children. I did see my OB this week and everything is fine, but he's switching me to more regular appointments a little bit early considering the circumstances so he can watch me more closely.

Parenting right now is hard.

The kids are coping as best as they can, but they are just completely out of whack. Regular dinner times are slowly returning, but other family routines are going to have to be rewritten as time goes on. They need lots of extra snuggles and stories and tons of reassurance. Yet at the same time, they need some limits that I'm not doing a very good job of enforcing. Caleb pitched a fit at a restaurant the other day (something he has NEVER done) and I almost lost it. I just wanted to scream to the little old lady in the corner giving me dirty looks (she was real not a figment of my imagination) to cut him some slack and stop looking at me like some welfare mom who should really stop having kids because she can't control the ones she has.

I need a sign to put over our heads.

Or, something.

Tim is spending most of his time running around town trying to do errands or talking on the phone with someone from the fire department, cleaning company, or insurance. Not to mention concerned family and friends. Everything is taking twice as long as we think it will (it took almost 3 hours just to replace my driver's license) and by the end of the day we are both just stone tired. I told him we should start telling the friends who have been watching our kids to count on us being at least a half hour later than we said and we will come back with only half of our original goals completed. Half seems to be a reachable goal most days.

So, where are we?

We have clothes on our backs, food in our stomachs, a roof over our heads at night, and incredible friends and family who are helping us every day.

For right now, that is more than enough.


Karen said...

Heidi...I read about your fire on Playschool6.....my prayers are with your family and friends! Blessings, Karen Tyler

Montessori Elementary at Home said...

I am so sorry that your family is experiencing such a life-altering event. My prayers are with you for a healthy pregnancy, and with your whole family for the recovery of your lives.

Rachel said...

Glad that you recognize things could be worse, and while extremely tired, you are also recognizing your blessings! My cousin recognized you in my fb profile and said you lived down the street from her. She's a student.

Let me know if May 8th won't work w/ how crazy life is.