29 weeks, 5 days and still pregnant- check!

As usually goes, the anticipation leading up to this milestone was worse than the actual day (at least I can say that now that the day is over).

Oh and I remembered the other kid quote I was going to put in my post the other day. I finally went and rebought binders for Kylee's hair so she looks less like a wild child. After I put her hair in ponies, Caleb says, "Oh good, now she looks like a REAL girl!"

I'm sorry, Brenda.


*Mirage* said...

Hooray! Halfway! :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

So glad that you are already at that milestone...know that it must be stressful, but so glad that things are progressing well in your pregnancy.
My two that lived were both born at 37 weeks and they came into the world alive and maybe that will happen and you will only have another 8 or 9 weeks or so.
So glad that this pregnancy is going well for you.
Thinking of you.

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Heidi, your pregnancy is just FLYING! What are you having? I somehow must have missed that post. We find out in 2 weeks and I cannot wait