Have I mentioned loudley enough how much I like Handwriting WIthout Tears?

We've been S-L-OOOOOOO-W-L-Y getting back into school work. My original intention was to just skip it until fall, but it turns out we all needed that routine too much (myself and kids). I'm actually thinking we may just school really part time all the way through the summer. That's a decision to make later, though.

Initially, I was unsure what to do, and was leaning towards doing some pencil/paper review work with the boys on the areas we have covered through Montessori this school year- mainly math and some grammer topics for Aidan. Handwriting wasn't on my radar, I figured we would wait on that for sure.

Then out of the blue, Aidan wrote his name in cursive on the sidewalk- like he'd been writing in cursive his entire life.

Then he told me he wanted to learn to write in cursive all of the time. For those of you who know my son, I'm really not making this up.

I ordered the cursive Handwriting Without Tears book (which is actually the 3rd grade book) and he was asking every day again and again if his cursive book had come yet. It came yesterday and I practically had to beat him off of it (bedtime is not the right time to start learning cursive, I don't care how excited he was). He was sitting at the kitchen counter at 8:00 this morning waiting for handwriting.

That alone is reason enough to love this program.

He sat down, the page layouts were all what he is accostomed to and they start with the same "Magic c" that the earlier levels of the program used. After doing his assignment for the day, I'm fairly sure he would have continued but I wanted to end before he got frustrated or tired.

As for other subjects, obviously I don't have many materials yet, but I had a long date with my good friends, cardstock and contact paper, yesterday afternoon! I'm sure we won't be fully functional until fall, but its nice to have the horizon in view!


Sandy Hop said...

THis is so awesome! They use HWOT at my son's school too. What an awesome program that is works both in the classroom setting and at home too.

*Mirage* said...

Sounds great! And how cute that he's so eager to learn!