Is this my life? Are these my kids?

Last night Caleb had an asthma attack. Not a super serious one, but probably a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10. The problem was we had a terrible time getting his meds and nebs after the fire. Because his action plan was due to for its annual reevaluation in April, we ran into refill problems with both the pharmacy and the clinic. In actuality, the problem at the clinic was with one nurse who likes to filter too many things before passing along messages and didn't give our primary care doctor good information. Regardless, we didn't have a nebulizer and all we had was one fast acting inhalor. Those of you with kids with asthma know that the inhalor is not particularly effective during an attack because the kiddo can't breathe deeply enough to get the meds into his (or her) lungs.

After an hour or so of inhalor treatments and other home remedies we were able to get things under control enough NOT to need to drive into town for a middle of the night trip to the emergency room. I had a bit of a hard time with this particular flare up because I was so unprepared to deal with it. It was not on the scale we would have likely even considered the ER if we had been prepared with the right medications at home. I kept looking at Tim and telling him that I knew exactly what to do, but couldn't do it! I'm very thankful we were able to get things under control.

This morning we went in to get his lungs listened to and were able to get a new nebulizer and new perscriptions for his controller medications. Dr. says he has lots of constriction and other abnormal breath sounds, but nothing that indicates a more serious problem like pnuemonia (Praise God!).

Now here's the part that makes my ever dramatic life just simply unbelievable at times. As we are sitting at the clinic waiting, Aidan causually tells me has has something in his nose. He's been a little stuffy with allergies lately (as we all have and is probably what triggered Caleb in the first place) so I told him it was just snot. His response? "No Mom, it's a microphone toy I put it up there when we moved into our new house."

Never mind we have been settled for a week.

Of course I'm hoping that he is just kidding, but looking at his face I knew he wasn't. Sure enough, I asked our Dr. (who had a great sense of humor about this) and there was something up there.

Want to know what it was?

An earbud cover.

The little foam piece that goes over the earpiece.

So really, is this my life?

I really love them.

But, are these my kids?


Lisa said...

Oh Heidi - it sounds like you have a great sense of humor about all this

The Straka's said...

Cole has had a few really scary asthma attacks, so I know first hand how TERRIFYING they are!! I really hope they have everything figured out so you are well prepared in case there is a next time (because there always is, isn't there?! ugh!)

Hope things will finally settle down here for you soon!! Lots of prayers headed your way!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Wow, Heidi! What a scare...but it sounds like you took it in stride.
We are still praying for you and your family. Can only imagine how that must have been though, with the asthma attack and then, the earbud discovery.
Glad that you were able to get the doctors to look at him and to remove it from his nose...glad that they were able to finally work out the situation with the meds and the nebby, as my sons refer to it.
Hope that you weekend goes more smoothly than your recent days.