My funny son

Aidan is so particular, he really makes me laugh. He is super smart. He catches onto almost everything the first time around and abhors any sort of suggestion that he might need to review something. There is a catch, however.... He freaks out at the suggestion of school. Doesn't want to *do* school, avoids *assignments*, and is very vocal about all of his thoughts on these manners.

Tonight at church, another dad asked him if he had gone back to school yet after the fire. This is another question Aidan doesn't like. Ok, well actually I think he just likes telling people he doesn't go to school and seeing their reaction. Either way, he gets this scowly look whenever anyone asks him about school.

This particular dad didn't know that Aidan was homeschooled and so I quickly explained that we are taking an extended break since we don't have many materials right now. He was very understanding and told Aidan he was a lucky duck to have his mom as a teacher. Aidan basically just told him he was glad he didn't have to do school anymore. To hear Aidan tell it, we are never *doing* school ever again.

Wondering about why I titled this my funny son? Well let me tell you what Aidan spent at least 2 hours doing today, at no suggestion of mine. This is how Aidan keeps busy "not doing school".

One thing we seem to have a decent mix of is art supplies. Today Aidan took 12x15 sheets of poster board, folded them in half, and carefully glued them together along the seam to create a binding.

When that was dry, he got out his markers and stensils and started drawing animals on each page.

A few hours after that, he got the markers back out and started writing a story about visiting the zoo to match his pictures.

He plans to finish his book tomorrow.

When he's busy not doing school.

Because if you ask him, he doesn't do school.

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Lisa said...

Isn't that funny! Andrew is just like that. Yesterday we didn't do a darn thing. But, when AJ gets in his mood, he can color pictures and write things (never mind they aren't spelled right) and keep himself really busy that way. But you're right - he's not *learning* a darn thing. :)