A Step Forward

Tim went back to work today.

Yesterday, demolition/deconstruction began on our old house. They started carting out ruined belongings and fire ash and tarped the roof and covered all the broken windows. The house looks a little less intimidating than it did a few days ago. In fact, they are getting close to being able to lock and secure the structure.

Of course, today it is raining.

Which they tell me means not much work will happen today. In fact, they tell me that on rainy days, not much will happen until after they get the roof and exterior work done. Once those things are done there is plenty to do inside, but first they have to get the outside done so they can dry things out inside. Rainy days in the meantime means more moisture inside the house and increased possibility of mold....aka more delays.

I can't say I know much about the construction game, but I think I'm about to learn!

I'm also learning about the insurance game and the importance of reading every line item. For example, they have quoted replacement costs for a standard/mid grade bathtub instead of the jet tub that we actually had. They also quoted for a top/bottom refrigerator instead of a side by side with water & ice built in. In addition, they left out the fans and vents in both the kitchen and the bathroom from the line item rebuild.

They also left out smoke detectors. Seems to me those would be important.

This week for the rest of us is about reclaiming a normal. Getting the kids back into a routine, even if it looks nothing like our old routine!

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