Think Your Kitchen Is Messy?

We are still working on internet access in our new house. I am behind in responding to the many people who have emailed me their kind words and sent up prayers on our behalf. We are deeply grateful to all of you. I look forward to a time when I can *sit down* with my readers again and catch up on the things in your lives and share with you more of mine.

We are almost done with the majority of *stuff* sorting that needs to go on. We have gone through most of the rooms and finished up the inventories and are waiting on a final word to see if some things will be salvageable or not. We have officially decided to rebuild, even though we will more than likely not be able to move back into the house before moving (which reminds me I still haven't told you about those plans because we were still waiting for them to be official!). Monday they will start gutting the house of things , then securing it so they can try it out and fog (that's what the cleaning company calls it) the walls and studs and other places that the smoke smell may try to hide.

As soon as I get the picture from my mom, I have an absolutely adoreable photo and story to share about Kylee and her newest baby doll that will make you all smile. Hopefully my next post!

Enjoy your Easter weekend with your family.


TornadoTwos said...

I have been thinking of you guys so much lately. That picture of your kitchen speaks a 1000 words, I cannot imagine the stress you and your husband are going through. I read through your posts and I'm glad that it sounded like your most important items, the ones carrying the most memories, are salvagable. Hope you all are holding up ok!


Amanda said...

Ha! Great minds I guess! But you win. Yours is messier. ;)