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Kitchen- 5 weeks ago


Kitchen- 4 weeks ago

Kitchen- 2 weeks ago

Kitchen- Today

Hard to believe, isn't it?


O, Heidi...Hardly know what to say other than we are sitll thinking of you. Got your email the other day and then, saw that you commented on my very long post today...thank you for the compliment on it, too...just need to get your address either at your mom's or your place in the country so that I can send you some things. Also, if your children are really interested in something particular at the moment, please let me know. What I am doing is setting things up a la Montessori style, but kind of as if they were at a summer camp...if that makes sense...
well, hang in there and please know you are in our prayers...
WOW, your in my prayers and how r u living without a kitchen?
Kylie said…
oh gosh I have been offline for awhile and have just caught up with what has been going on in your life. Wow! Thankfully you are all here together today is about all I can say. And here's to getting your new kitchen quickly.