Clarifying Details

I have had a few comments on my blog lately regarding fire damage and I thought I would clarify some details.

I have been using the pictures of our kitchen as a timeline marker, mostly because it is the room that was the worst that I had before pictures of. We actually never had any fire in the kitchen...the damage visible is from fighting the flames in the attic above the kitchen. Our garage was actually much worse, but since we didn't exactly hang out in there I didn't have any before pictures! Although, actually you wouldn't need them...

We are not living in a house without a kitchen. We are not living in that house at all. It has been taken down to stud walls and is slowly being rebuilt. In fact on Monday of last week, they knocked down our garage and started removing siding. Tuesday, they took the roof off of the entire 1 story section of the house. On Wednesday they took down the entire back wall. The house was nothing but framing by the end of the work day on Wednesday.

By Thursday we had exterior walls again and Friday we were supposed to get a new roof, but a day of rain prevented that. Every time I drove by this week I realized I should be taking daily progress pictures so I can remember later, but I kept forgetting my camera.

We are living in a borrowed home several miles outside of town. It was mostly furnished so we have been able to live without replacing the majority of our larger personal items.
Anyways, I just wanted to clarify in case there were others who were confused! I guess I haven't blogged about the fire much lately becuase I don't really know what to say about it. I don't want to sit around having my own personal pity party, but the harsh reality of the situation is that we have a long ways to go before being back on our feet. In a few hours, we lost most of what we owned from either fire, smoke, or water damage- not only buildings, but clothes, furniture, school supplies. The rebuilding of our lives is going to take time. Only now am I beginning to really understand how much time.

In the same way I'm not blogging about the fire because I don't know what to say, I'm not blogging about Montessori and homeschool because there is nothing to say. Circumstances have required us to temporarily adjust our approach to school. I would tell you what we are doing (and have a little bit) but it wouldn't really be indicitive of anything I believe about children and learning. I could, however, write a whole novel about the "you know if your children were in school like they are supposed to be" looks that I've gotten in the last few weeks. People who were previously supportive, who now seem to think that this is the perfect example of why kids should be in school. Come to think about it, I may write about just that sometime in the next few weeks!
I also have lots to say about the challanges of staying on a gluten free diet (or any special diet) during a family crisis. I'm working up my thoughts on that one. I have some ideas I think would be useful to other families, although I would prefer that no one ever needed to use them!

So I guess the LOOOOONG and not so short of it is that I don't know what to say about anything right now! No, our life is not all picture perfect pretty right now. I have a feeling that as life continues to move forward I will find more to say, but for the time being I am processing. I think the time for processing outloud is coming, and many of you may wish I had chosen to stay silent!

Oh, and for anyone who actually remembers my promises to fill you in our plans for next year here is your incredibly anticlimactic news- we are moving southwest in August so that Tim can start work on his PhD in Educational Psychology. He has a great opportunity in front of him and we are looking forward to it as much as we can under present circumstances (and stressors). I imagine you will be hearing more from him over the next few years as we share his journey!

Here a few of the boxes I had carefully packed in perparation for our big move...


Beth said...

I am pretty new to your didn't know of your tragedy! I hope that you are able to greet life with some peace soon! Take Care

Lisa said...

Oh Heidi. Keep your chin up. You are truly amazing and even with those looks of "your kids should be in school" don't let it get you down. Being home with you is probably the absolute best thing for them right now under the circumstances, especially with a move coming up. Is it still Utah then that you are moving to?

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

The southwest :)