Getting Back On The Horse

The Montessori horse that is.

Today I placed 3 orders to get us started moving in the right direction with school supplies. Most of what I ordered was basic such as new work rugs, aprons, some infant & toddler activities, and a few other miscelaneous accessories. I was originally going to wait until we moved to buy any of this stuff but I had a few realizations. One is that if I wait until August 1st to move, then by the time I get things in order around our new house it will be at least mid-month before I am ready to order materials and then its the first of September or later before I actually have the materials in hand to start school. I still don't think I'm going to get everything yet, and I'm definitely plan to leave a lot in the boxes, but at least I will have a start.

I found a really nice toddler daycare quality shelf at a thrift store for $25 on Sunday, so I think I probably will unpack some of the shape puzzles, imbucure boxes (I only bought one of them), and other toddler activities I purchased. Some of the fine motor and shape activities will be nice for Kylee to use now. The shelf is even in our kitchen (for lack of a better place right now) so she can do *school* while the boys do.

Bookwork is going ok, but no one enjoys it as much as our more open work period. Tim and I are dreaming big while we design our new work space for fall and plan to splurge on a few things and to give the kids a real Montessori environment. Our old work room was so small that it served more as a Montessori closet and even then we couldn't keep out many levels of the same materials. The challange now is to make it a comfortable family space that can still serve multiple purposes. I think the blog reveal will be exciting, even though it is still many months away!


Lisa said...

So, where are you heading this fall then for sure? Do you have a place lined up? So much to do! I hear ya and feel for you too. I feel in the midst of all this right now myself, although I'm not going through what you are. Trying to sell the house, figure out what to do with the rest of our stuff, etc. Life always seems to get really crazy this time of year...

Kylie said...

Sounds as though you have plenty of plans in motion, the kids are resilient and they will no doubt quickly forget the brief time they had to spend on workbooks alone. YOu are doing a fabulous job under very difficult circumstances. :)